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Origin, heritage, feeling, freshness.

White wine. Wine that takes us back to our origins, that links us to the heritage of the area and awakens a feeling of effort and belonging to our land.

Don't stay with what you see, see what's behind everything.

Vi del Banya

Roots, family, territory, red fruit.

Black wine. A tribute to the character of the townspeople and the family. This wine is named after the house of the godfathers, Cal Banya. A wine to claim that we are from the village, without shame!



Different, tropical, elegant, gastronomic.

White wine. In the Lleida area, it means a rebellious person, who breaks the rules. bad boy "Tremendo" in a good way. It is a wine that makes us suffer, that goes its own way, but that finally ends up becoming a great wine!

Rose M 

Amazing, presence, unique.

Rose wine. M of 100% Merlot and our initials, Matallonga. A wine that expresses a lot, one of the most complicated that we make at the winery. Perfect for people who want to try new things!



Classic, cask, aging, structure.

Black wine. The result of the selection of the best wines from the cellar that have gone through the barrel. An excellent wine, which varies each vintage to achieve the highest quality.


Genuine, change, elegant.

Black wine. K-tharsis is a word of Greek origin meaning extreme emotional state. For us, this wine is an explosion of feeling, of external stimuli, of being and feeling when working the vineyards in the middle of the forest.



Bet, synergy, innovation.

White wine flavored with natural elderflower. The base of this wine is the same as that of our 'Scorça' wine, but in this case we macerate it for a few days with elderflower from the Cerveseria Matoll de Belianes. A risky but winning bet!

Quatre dimonis

Wild, no rules, different.

Natural red wine. 4 are the phases of the moon; Hell because we believe that each moon affects both wine and people differently, bringing out different faces and energies.

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Stories that are drunk

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