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Since 2010, making wine under the name that gives name to this disturbing life project.

Celler Matallonga is located in Fulleda, a small town in the region of Les Garrigues with less than 100 inhabitants. A charming town, surrounded by forests and rich in scenery. 

Many years ago, there was a lot of vines in Fulleda, but due to various unfavorable conditions, they are being uprooted and nowadays there are few of them. If we had folded, a local tradition would have been lost. A real shame!

The winery was born from the passion, love and respect we feel for the land and for what we are doing. We close the whole cycle, we work the land, take care of it, make the wines, bottle and finally sell our products.



Wines with minimal intervention, without protocols, made with logic and intuition according to the specific conditions of each vintage.

"Always working the same way (per protocol) we believe is counterproductive and makes no sense at all, since all the vintages are 'super different' due to the climatic conditions, for example." Alba Penella Xifré.

When the grapes arrive at the winery, the work philosophy remains the same; prioritizing quality and intuition over protocols.

Each variety is made separately in stainless steel tanks. The fermentations are done cold, giving each tank the temperature we are interested in to control the aromas and the extraction of the must.

Our red wines are all fermented with native yeasts; in the cellar, as in the vineyard, we use completely organic or natural products.


"We are not literal, nor do we want to be, that's why we work by intuition according to what the vineyard and the wines need. After many years of experience, we see that it is the best way to obtain high quality wines." Joan Penella.

When the wines have finished fermenting in the tanks, it's time to decide which ones to put in a bota, amphora, or tank to rest during the winter with their lees, which will finish rounding them off before being bottled.

Most of our wines are monovarietal, except for some red wine with which we will make the blend that seems most suitable for each vintage.

We bottle and transport the wines taking into account the lunar calendar and with the greatest possible care. Once the wine is finished, we leave it to rest and age in the bottle for a season. In this way, we get a round wine and at the optimal point to enjoy it.

We have been growing in the production of our wines, and we are very happy to be able to say that in the last vintage we reached the production of 20,000 bottles per year.

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