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Estates with a lot of history and many stories

100% of our wines are made with our own grapes from our estates, located within the district of Fulleda, among forests and typical vegetation of the area: rebolls and pines, rosemary, timó...
Each of them is labeled with a game name:

Matallonga, the one that gives its name to the winery. It preserves an old natural water well or cistern that was used in the past to water the animals. Various grape varieties of different ages are planted.  White Grenache, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Les Grenades, together with the Matallonga farm, are the most genuine, as they are the ones furthest from the town and surrounded by forest. The predominant variety is Macabeu.


Els Escortals, in the past it was considered irrigated because there is a well where water was drawn with a water pipe and passed, through a channel made of tiles, to a a pool built entirely of stone. One of our goals is also to recover this heritage and put it in value. The predominant variety of this estate is the hare's eye.

Les Cerveres, in the past in this stall there was parellada, a variety used to make cava. We currently have the Syrah variety planted there, a variety used to make red wines with color and structure.

El Pou, it is called so because there used to be a stone well. The family's great-grandfather used it to make a vegetable garden and it is currently all planted with vines. On this farm, Ramon, years ago, created a small trial field planting different varieties of grapes to see which acclimatized best.

"Rain-fed vineyards in the middle of the unknown forest of Fulleda."

A total of 8 hectares of old vines, in cup formation, over 60 years old (we keep them like a great treasure!) and new vines, which we have been planting over the years. All our farms are surrounded by an unusual setting, which we have the pleasure of enjoying every day and which we want to share with you.

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