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We want to share with you
our history


Cal Banya  iCal Ventohealthy de Fulleda, the creators of this genuine project that officially began to see the light of day from the 2010 harvest. 

thoset project de life had been germinating for some time, but several reasons spurred us on to take it forward:

The abandonment of the territory and thinking about what would be left for future generations if we stopped working the land and gave up everything that our godfathers had fought for and taught.


The fact of misselling a quality grape at a very low price and almost not covering expenses made us consider that there were two options: either to leave farming, or on the contrary, to dedicate all our efforts to earn a living with whatwe like, the vineyard and the wine.

The great passion that is for us the world of wine and everything that accompanies it.

Small projects like ours are born and grow thanks to enthusiasm and motivation

of the people behind it. 



Ramón Xifré,the godfather of the house and the predecessor of our life project.

The vineyards are owned by the family, land that has passed from fathers to daughters. Ramon, years ago, already detected the need to go further. He planted different varieties of grapes on one of his farms to start experimenting with how they adapted to the terrain. And so, with the firm decision that this was the way to go, he started making wine at home for family and friends.

Rosa Xifré, ferma defensora dels valors del projecte.

In love with Les Garrigues; of its landscapes and its gastronomy, but specifically of its native town, Fulleda and its surroundings. Currently, he is the one who takes care of all management, administration of the winery and visits.


Joan Penella, apassionat per les vinyes i el món del vi.

De Cal Músic, son of Agramunt and settled in Fulleda since he married Rosa.

Get to know first-hand what the work in the field and the daily tasks of the winery entails. His curiosity and professional concern have led him to take different courses and specific training to improve his knowledge in these fields.

For Joan, the winery has been a professional and personal challenge that keeps him always alert. Being in constant training, improving the quality of wines, vision of the future to implement new agricultural techniques that take into account natural and sustainable processes. And above all, above all... Working the land, which is what really makes him happy!

Alba Penella,
the generational relief thatand betto preserve the territory

With the firm conviction to continue everything the family has achieved throughout all these years of struggle, Alba joins the project after specialized training in the sector and is in charge of the winemaking and planning of the works of the cellar

Emphasis must be placed on their stays in wineries abroad and in the area to gain experience and see and experience different professional situations.

To stay up to date with everything that happens in the vineyard and wine sector, he is constantly learning. 

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