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The viticulture of Celler Matallonga


female name   Vine cultivation and set of techniques used for this cultivation.

Organic farming

We are a family of fixed ideas and firm convictions. We knew that to make an excellent product, we had to produce good grapes, as it is the key to a great wine.

For this reason, we have been working ecologically for many years without using herbicides or chemical fungicides.

Working the vineyards well involves controlling many parameters and above all doing the work in the field at the optimal time.

Pre-pruning, pruning with respect following the sap channels of the same plant, control of plant cover, preventive visual checks, assessing whether it is necessary to apply any preparation, clarification of the grapes, sampling before the harvest, etc.

Everything, always with the utmost respect and balance towards the soil, towards the environment and above all towards the vineyard!


"We are not regenerative, nor 100% biodynamic, what we do is listen and see what our vineyards need. According to the vintage and what we see they need, we make the most suitable preparation. We don't do things to be done." Joan Penella.


Practices in regenerative agriculture, biodynamics and agrohomeopathy.
We detect what our vineyards need.

Each vintage is totally different. Sometimes we apply biodynamic preparations such as that of Maria Thun or that of the horn 'el 500', or we apply agrohomeopathy to the vineyard.

Others, for about 8 or 9 years now, have been implementing regenerative agriculture practices. We work by intuition and logic and give the land what it needs so that there is a perfect balance between the soil and the vine.

We take advantage of the area's natural resources. We reproduce microorganisms from the forests of Fulleda as biofertilizer to give life to plants.

"We have been working under the slogan 0 waste, for many years now!

Ramón Xifré"

Being in a wooded area, the fact of being surrounded by pines, pines, rudder, rosemary... together with a microclimate with a great thermal contrast, helps us to work the soil and the plant with the characteristics of the area. We provide microorganisms, regenerate the land and use 100% natural fertilizers.

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